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Your go-to tool for quick and easy concealer application, this brush makes disguising redness and pigmentation, covering blemishes and imperfections and brightening dark circles a breeze

  • Made from soft synthetic bristles.
  • Compact brush head makes it ideal for small touch-ups.
  • Team with the Certified Organic Perfection Concealer.


Use the Vegan Concealer Brush to dab concealer onto the desired areas (such as under the eyes, on blemishes, areas of redness and pigmentation). Use small strokes to blend the concealer for a natural look. 

Brush Care:

To get the best results and extend the life of your INIKA brushes, it is recommended to clean them as needed using the below steps.

1. Keeping brush facing downwards, lather and rinse bristles with a chemical-free wash and lukewarm (not hot) water until the water runs clear. 

2. Leave brushes to dry naturally on a flat surface.

3. Once dry, store in your faux leather brush roll or your preferred storage method to keep brush safe and clean.

Inika Concealer Brush

GST Included

    100% Vegan & Cruelty Free Synthetic Bristles.

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