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Spray Tan Prep and Care Pack

When you buy as a pack you save 15% off regular pricing. 


Organic, natural spray tans work in a different way to other spray tans. The active ingredient works with dead skin cells to to turn them a darker colour. This is why you must exfoliate 24 hours prior to your appointment so that your body has enough time to develop an even layer of dead skin cels for the tan to work with. 

Not exfoliating properly can result in a patchy uneven tan.


Exfoliate 24 hours before your Spray Tan

Doing this will ensure you have a dead skin cell layer for the tan to adhere to. We recommend the Eco Tan Extreme Exfoliant Glove and Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub. Both of these will exfoliate your skin and leave it nicely moisturised. DO NOT exfoliate the day of your spray tan.

What can shorten the life of my Spray Tan?

Not hydrating your skin - we recommend Eco Tan Winter Skin

Spray Tan Prep and Care Pack

$84.40 Regular Price
$63.30Sale Price
GST Included
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